« Big Data, Big Business »


Data industry is the future. As Google CEO put it: “Every two days now we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003”. But who owns this data? Can we integrate, share, combine data from several sources? How can we turn Big Data into Business Value? An economy that will preserve individual rights is to be built. This Workshop tackles those issues from a technical, economical, legal and ethical perspective. As a moderator of this Workshop, Adrien Basdevant is honored to welcome a panel of experts:

-          Carina NAMIH, from London, who is the CEO and co-founder of HELIXANON

A health technology company backed by Johnson and Johnson Innovation. The company lies at the rapidly emerging intersection of software and biomedicine – working to revolutionize how our bodies are monitored and treated. Carina is recognized as the BioBeat Rising Star of British Biotech and a World Economic Forum ‘Global Shaper’. She frequently shares her experience of building innovative, technology-led businesses as an advisor to start-ups, to investors and as a speaker. Carina’s prior experience includes roles in VC-backed start-ups in San Francisco, Kleiner Perkins in Palo Alto and Goldman Sachs in London. She graduated with first class honors from Oxford University and was awarded a full Google scholarship to attend Singularity University in 2013.

 -          Cedric ROUX, from Paris, Senior Product Director at CRITEO, global leader in Performance Display.

One of the first product managers at Criteo, Cedric has spent the last 6 years designing and managing a vast array of new and innovative performance-driven products, such as Mid Funnel - a solution to retarget lapsed users, or Criteo’s internal Marketplace strategy - a essential brick to ensure a fair value distribution between advertisers, publishers and Criteo.

Over the past 3 years, Cédric has led Criteo's Universal Match initiatives - a scalable cross-device online user identification solution, designed with user Privacy at the center. In Q4 2016, Criteo reported that 60% of their revenues were made on users known on more than 2 different devices - that is Universal Match.

Cédric studied quantum physics at Ecole Normale Supérieure, where he defended his PhD thesis in 2008. He then worked more than 2 years as a Consultant at Boston Consulting Group, a global management consulting firm, mainly in the Public Sector and for IT organizations, before joining Criteo early 2011.

-               Dr. Maximilian VON GRAFFENSTEIN, from Berlin, Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society (HIIG)

As head of research „Data, Actors, Infrastructures“, his research focuses on innovation and the fundamental shift that innovation causes for regulation. His doctoral thesis examined the effects of data protection law on data-driven innovation. In the last four years, Max has run the Startup Law Clinic helping Internet entrepreneurs to develop their business models. Lawyer since 2010 focusing on copyright, media, data protection and IT law, now partner at iRights Law.

Max is also running the privacy- and security-by-design startup INNOVATION AND LAW. His first startup was founded in 2012, a digital tour guide based on augmented reality.

He teaches data protection, copyright and media law at the Electronic Media School and is legal mentor at Google Launchpad. Member of several Big Data research projects funded by the German government, holds an additional master’s degree in international IP and IT law and is member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (iAPP).

-          François-Xavier ROUSSELOT, Professor of Machine Learning & Data Innovation at ‎IE Business School

Helping companies to build their data strategy and execute on it, is his moto. François-Xavier created three proprietary data frameworks, taught in MBA course and successfully applied on client consulting cases. He has over 10 years of International Experience and Delivering Innovation in the field of Data Science / Digital & Marketing. François-Xavier helps building bridges between Digital Technology and Business, and helping international companies understand what Machine Learning can do for their business and how to successfully manage Data projects.

Founder of Scan & Trust, Co-founder of Comtesse Sofia, he holds an MBA from New York University and IE, and a Master Degree from King’s College London.


La LESI 2017, conférence annuelle de la Licensing Executive Society, association américaine regroupant 10.000 professionnels de la propriété intellectuelle, s’est déroulée cette année à Paris les 24 et 25 avril 2016.

Ce rendez-vous intitulé « IP Revolution ? Scenarios for the future » était l’occasion d’aborder différents aspects de la révolution numérique de la FinTech au Big Data en passant par la protection de l’immatériel.

650 personnes - industriels, entreprises, avocats, spécialistes de la protection de l'immatériel venant d'Europe et des Etats-Unis - y étaient présents.

Suite à l’intervention de Jean-Pierre Mignard et Adrien Basdevant lors des Rendez-Vous Annuels de la Propriété Intellectuelle sur le thème « Quelle éthique pour les données ? » en juin dernier, le chapitre français de la Licensing Executive Society a proposé au cabinet Lysias Partners d’organiser et d’animer le Workshop “Big Data, Big Business?”.

L’objet de cette table ronde d’une heure trente était d’analyser l’impact du Big Data sur l’innovation et ses conséquences sur l’économie et la société.

Adrien BASDEVANT, avocat associé du cabinet Lysias a animé la conférence, en compagnie de Cedric ROUX (Senior Product Director, CRITEO), Carina NAMIH (CEO of HelixNano), François-Xavier ROUSSELOT (MBA professor, Instituo de Empresa), Maximilian Von GRAFFENSTEIN (Internet Institute - Humboldt University).

Les intervenants ont abordé cette thématique selon une approche pluridisciplinaire mêlant technologie, économie, droit et éthique.