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Media & Digital Economy

Information and communication technologies represent one of the drivers of economic growth and prosperity in our societies. The digital economy – traditionally including such diverse business sectors as telecommunications, televised media, software, Internet, and the businesses that work to support them – is among the numerous domains of expertise of our firm. The development of Internet law raises issues of conflicting norms on which Lysias Partners can bring to bear its technical expertise and a trans-disciplinary approach designed to provide the best assistance to the clients as well as to contribute to the doctrinal elaboration of specific rules. Lysias Partners provides its clients with innovative solutions adapted to the problems they encounter in the use of new technologies and social media, and is careful to resolve the conflicts between private and public interests that may emerge. Lysias Partners has advised communications firms, large media groups, and television channels. Our firm often advises online media companies and works with them in all of their areas of activity, both as publishers, and as hosting platforms. Lysias Partners also represented public and economic decision-makers, elected officials, entertainers and artists, in defamation, libel, invasion of privacy suits, and in cases involving the violation of the presumption of innocence. Lysias Partners is also a pioneer concerning the economic model and taxation regime of the digital press, and its right to equal tax treatment.

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