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Public and environmental policies

Environmental law, energy transition and biodiversity

Environmental crises required a trans-disciplinary approach combining scientific and legal expertise. In this domain more than others, it is important to conciliate private interest with the public interest.

Energy and Climate

Lysias Partners works with both public and private actors to confront climate change, and benefits from the expertise of lawyers specialized in energy, the law of urban planning and construction, international migrations, environmental tax, and transportation law. Our services include:

  • Legal risk forecasting and prevention for low-carbon energy projects (Renewable energy, nuclear energy);
  • Preparation and implementation of environmental tax laws;
  • Greenhouse gas emission trading schemes;
  • Preparation of environmental accountability auditing for private businesses;
  • Integration of innovative environmental clauses in public procurement contracts;
  • Prevention of the legal risk arising from criminal offences sanctioning the violation of environmental law by elected officials in major cities;
  • Legal expertise on urban environmental planning.

Some of the cases our lawyers have worked on include:

  • Legal advisory and representation of a publicly listed French energy group;
  • Legal advisory and representation of a French public transportation operator;
  • Legal advisory and representation a large maritime transportation company;
  • Successful applications for building permits for high-rise buildings;
  • Creation of sustainable development zones.

Our experts have also participated in the elaboration of new regimes and legal doctrines in environmental law. Jean-Pierre Mignard and Sébastien Mabile, along with Michel Mabile, are the authors of the book “Sûreté Nucléaire, droit et gouvernance mondiale” (Bruylant, 2012). Several of our experts have contributed to publications and workshops of the French National Council on Energy Transition.

Biodiversity, environmental degradation and responsibility

The ethical questions associated with biodiversity degradation and the economic impacts of ecosystem perturbation impose the convergence of public and private actors. Lysias Partners provides advice in various situations, such as:

  • The creation of protected areas and natural reserves;
  • The exploitation of natural resources;
  • The protection of endangered species;
  • The repression and repair of environmental degradations.

Some of the cases our lawyers have worked on over the years in this area include:

  • Cases involving the environmental accountability of business leaders;
  • Legal expertise preliminary to the creation of protected areas and protected maritime areas;
  • Implementation of compensatory measures in cases of requests of exemption of statutes of protection of endangered species;
  • Representation of the victims of major environmental disasters (oil spills, PCB…);
  • Drafting specifications including environmental norms, for both private contracts and international public contracts (Chad/Cameroon oil pipeline treaty).

Our experts have contributed to academic debates in the following ways:

  • Jean-Pierre Mignard participates in the “biodiversity” workshop at the French National Consultative Council on Ethics;
  • Sébastien Mabile chairs the “Law and Environmental Policies” committee of the French Committee of the International Union for Nature Preservation;
  • Sébastien Mabile participated in the working group on the reform of the mining code at the French Council of State.

Members of the environmental law, energy transition and biodiversity group:

  • Jean-Pierre Mignard
    • Founding partner, Avocat, Paris Bar, PhD in Law (Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne), Senior lecturer at the Paris Institute of Political Sciences
  • Emmanuel Tordjman
    • Avocat, Paris Bar, Partner, University degrees in International and Private Law and Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs, GIE LYSIAS Partners Méditérannée
  • Sébastien Mabile
    • Avocat, Paris bar, Senior lecturer at the Paris Institute of Political Studies
  • Guillaume Merland
    • Avocat, Montpellier Bar, PhD in Public Law, Senior lecturer at University Montpellier I, School of Law

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