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White Collar Crimes & Regulatory

Globalisation, dematerialisation, restructuration, diversification: companies of all sizes are now evolving in an increasingly complex and regulated environment, making them more sensitive to legal risks in each sector of their activities. The ethical and moral responsibility of the company and the anticipation of the legal risks related thereto have thus become strategic areas of focus of their development and communication. In this context, useful and profitable legal advice requires a complete understanding of the economic, political, social and ethical issues that companies and their managers must address. Lysias Partners’ practice in White Collar Crimes and Regulatory covers both legal advice and litigation. It is aimed at private companies and investors as well as public economic actors and their managers to assist them in France and abroad. Our expertise is characterized by a transversal and multidisciplinary approach, focused on innovation and creation of value for the company:

  • Lysias Partners’ lawyers have a solid experience in intervening in a context of tension and helping to find solutions to conflict situations ;

  • Their expertise in various areas of consulting and litigation enables them to assess and suggest alternative dispute resolutions, such as transaction or mediation.

Lysias Partners’ teams advise various industrial and commercial companies on a daily basis, some of which are listed on the CAC 40, and assist them in all areas of corporate life. They regularly advise managers of large companies, including listed companies, and SMEs and SMIs or public entities on decision-making. They assist all types of French and international investors with their growth projects and with any difficulties they may encounter. The Law firm represents and advises many public economic actors (public companies, local authorities, public institutions, NGOs), within the framework of their development or before judicial and administrative courts, both in France and internationally. The expertise of Lysias Partners’ teams enables it to act in the following areas, both in advisory and litigation matters:

  • Criminal Law of persons;

  • White Collar Crimes ;

  • « CJIP » and negotiated justice;

  • Civil and commercial litigation;

  • Litigation before French Independant Administrative Authorities ;

  • Commercial Law and Contract Law;

  • International Business Law;

  • Ethics, Compliance & CSR.

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