Lysias Partners

Dear Reader:

Each partner and each associate in our firm has a field of expertise, but experience has taught us that most situations require cross-cutting skills, so our policy is to make sure that each of them is involved in a wide spectrum of cases. Appropriate legal advice can only be delivered if different types of knowledge are mobilized and combined to bring innovative solutions. Advising clients involved in proceedings before national and arbitral tribunals an ability to think beyond classical boundaries, and to combine domestic and international law, criminal and civil law, public and corporate law, environmental and investment law. We believe that this approach is the only efficient way of advising our clients in a globalized environment that can disrupt economic and social life. Most of the legal experts at Lysias hold doctorates in law and teach as associate professors or as lecturers in french universities, institutes of political studies, or in business schools.  We believe that research must be associated with praxis, and that rigorous case analysis can – and sometimes must – be associated with a presence in the media. Our conception of lawyering includes advisory work, but goes beyond this traditional vision. We believe that a lawyer is here to participate in the building of the client’s project, and anticipate rather than wait, clarify the meaning of the client’s situation, builds innovative strategies and solutions, and if necessary disrupts habits that become obsolete and are not in the client’s interest. Armed with culture, hungry for knowledge, passionate about dialogue, orator and ombudsman, a meticulous legal expert, the lawyer thus returns to that curiosity of mind that characterized theRenaissance man and that the Internet now deploys on the four corners of the world. This is why Lysias Partners has taken the leadership on a number of pioneering cases. Our ability to participate in high-level legal advisory and litigation at the domestic and international level is strengthened by this approach. Lysias Partners is a law firm with a strong business law expertise, but sees no insurmountable barrier between a business involvement and human causes. Our firm regularly intervenes pro bono in cases involving human rights, both at the domestic and international levels. We strongly encourage our lawyers to intervene every year on pro bono cases. Human rights should not and cannot be sacrificed to opportunistic calculations. Without law, without democratic values, without an independent and impartial judiciary, our profession would be nothing else than mere decoration. This is what we refuse, and we strive to combine rigorous and innovative legal advice with a belief in the rule of law. This is why our firm honors a series of heroes of all nationalities, backgrounds, and religions. For us, and for you, Jean-Pierre MIGNARD – Founder, Lysias Partners