The firm


Founded by Jean-Pierre Mignard, Lysias Partners is a long-established and renowned professional structure in Paris. The participation of its members in numerous litigations with issues that were often beyond their control has established its reputation. While Lysias has a proven and renowned practice in Criminal Law, it also intervenes in areas such as Economic Law, Public Business Law, Environmental Law, Communication and Technology Law, and International Law before the ICC, ICJ, ECHR and arbitral tribunals.

No law today is an island. Every case requires knowledge of several legal disciplines. This is why Lysias has built up a multidisciplinary team of the highest level: lawyers at the Paris Bar, PhDs and Professors, lecturers in Law Faculties or Political Studies Institutes, and graduates of French or international business schools. Several of its members, partners or consulting professors regularly publish legal books or articles in doctrinal reviews. This high level of theoretical research is transferred into practical knowledge in order, in each case, to identify novelty, innovate and find a passage where the outcomes seemed closed. In a word, creative.

The number of its members is tightened because of the choice of privileging quality over quantity of the services offered. The cost of production of large structures combined with their internationalisation often leads to heavy management that are conducive to excessive fees. Lysias has a network of multiple correspondents in France, the European Union and around the world, enabling it to offer a global service without the rigidities of an excessive structure. This is a choice, which in no way disqualifies the professional structures that have made another choice. We first wanted to offer a personalised, careful and attentive service to our clients, neither repetitive, nor industrial, of haute couture.

For his or her clients, a lawyer must be an advisor even more than a counsel, a partner in projects, he or she must know how to anticipate rather than wait, he must know how to give meaning to a situation, build an innovative strategy, find innovative solutions and, if necessary, shake up the dogmas of the past. Endowed with culture, hungry for knowledge, passionate about exchanges, speaker and mediator, meticulous jurist, builder of jurisprudence, the lawyer thus reconnects with the curiosity that characterised the Renaissance man, nourished by the Greco-Latin culture, and the major issues of today’s globalised world.

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