Training centre

Chaired by Jean-Pierre Mignard, Doctor in Criminal Law and lawyer at the Paris Bar, the Lysias Training Centre provides trainings and contributes to the dissemination of research.

The training courses offered by the LTC are given by lawyers and academics consulted by Lysias Partners in the field of a vast thematic tree structure. The LTC thus provides its clients with lawyers, PhDs or Professors, graduates of the leading business schools (HEC, ESSEC), Sciences Po Paris and the best universities.

It provides trainings in all areas of law, both in Public and Private Law, but also teaching that goes well beyond the classic expressions of legal education: legal and geopolitical legal strategies, prevention and repression of cybercrime, data exploitation rules, communication in pre-litigation crisis periods and during the judicial phase, compatibility between religious expressions and rules of life in public and private companies.

The Lysias Training Centre can also, thanks to its wide range of human resources, offer tailor-made training courses. The Centre responds to calls for tender from companies, local authorities and public institutions in France and around the world.

As a training organisation with a registration number, the training courses provided by the Lysias Training Centre can be covered as professional trainings.

The training courses are the subject of an agreement between the Lysias Training Centre and the company or administration concerned.

This agreement, drawn up jointly by the two parties on the basis of a proposal from the Training Centre, sets out the practical details of the training and, in particular, its cost. Training courses last at least 2 hours and may be spread over several days, depending on the subject(s) covered.

Training sessions may take place on the premises of Lysias Partners, which it makes available to the Training Centre. They can also be held at the workplace of the beneficiaries of the training. The training sessions are all built according to the needs expressed. They may be exclusively theoretical or, on the contrary, very practical. They can mix practical and theoretical aspects, while emphasizing one or the other if necessary.

The theme of the training session may lead the LTC speakers to prepare a pedagogical support to distribute it to the participants or to distribute slides on a video projector. All sessions leave an important place for exchange with the participants. Time is systematically devoted to their questions.